Live Hive Tours

Hands-on beekeeping

Keeping Bees Naturally: We will visit with a hive and learn about their role in nature and in culture. A hive tour of Natural Nest beekeeping, hive design, and basic methods. This will be an up-close, introspective into the nature of a beehive, to experience the energy of personal communion with honeybees. This class is for all interest levels. Joy and her partner Eric practice informed beekeeping, which is a modern approach to knowing your bees and how to keep them in accord with their own nature, fostering healthy bees through the years. Our principal focus is on how to truly take the best care of honey bees and actually tend to them, overwinter them, and assist them in fulfilling their dream of dividing in the Spring. The goal of Natural Nest beekeeping is apicentric; putting the bees’ health as the top priority. The first hour will be going over some fundamentals about honeybees and beginner beekeeping. The last two hours we will suit up and explore the insides of a Natural Nest Beehive at Diggin’ Livin’ Apiary. Beekeeping is a way to connect to the natural world and learn the cycles of nature. It’s easy to be in the moment and zen state when with bees. Bee suits will be provided.

We offer Diggin’ Livin’ Live Hive Tours as an experience in beekeeping. Many people ponder becoming a backyard beekeeper and explore how to get started. It’s a great hobby, and being prepared makes it all the more fun, and of course reading beginner beekeeping books and joining a local bee club are great for getting a background education, but actually experiencing what it feels like to be in a bee suit with honeybees all around you, will help you decide about getting your first hive or just to experience the buzzzzzz.

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